Never ready? Start doing something anyway!

Have you ever noticed how often we aren’t ready for something?  We’re not ready to see a child to grow up so quickly, or ready for a big exam or presentation.  We’re not ready in time for something and so we arrive late.  (Guilty!)  We’re not ready to make a change we know would be good for us.  It turns out we’re rarely, if ever, ready.  Instead of being like the Eveready battery, it’s as though we’re part of the Neveready brand.

It doesn’t even matter if we have control over whether the change happens or not.  When you think about it, a lot of things are going to happen regardless of our (non-)ready status.  And other things could happen – great things, even – but we decline because we don’t feel ready.   It’s easy to fear the unknown.  (And, whether we name it as fear or not doesn’t change the fact it is, indeed, fear.)

When I use the phrase “not ready”, or the equivalent mindset, I find that it’s usually one of two things: 1) I am literally unprepared for something I should be; or 2) I feel that it is not the right time for something and therefore choose not to ready myself.  There are several components to the first which I won’t dive into today.  But the second, oh yes… Let’s chat for a moment about the second.

We can chat about the moment I realized I didn’t have a good answer to questions like “If not now, when?” or “What am I waiting for?”  Or when I started to recognize my answers to those questions were ridiculously vague or terribly unsatisfactory, if I had an answer at all.  Those moments started something.  Quietly but certainly.

Now I find myself within a new era.  And it’s an era with no end in sight, thankfully.  I un-artistically call it ‘a time for doing’.  Don’t expect to hear much about things unless I’m doing them or I’m done.  And some things I’m doing may only be obvious to me.

So, I’m looking forward to returning to the heart of what I envisioned this blog and website would be about.  Let’s do this.  Whether we’re ready or not!