The quest for a quick curry

My personal pantry has been expanding for several months now, although I’m not taking advantage of it often enough! But on Sunday night I felt like a curry, and we all needed a meal. And the leftovers would help me with a lunch or two as well.xpanding

After Googling around, based on what I felt like and knew I had on hand, I finally found something to work with:
RECIPE: Easy Coconut Curry

Making a few minor alterations (rice instead of quinoa, and no sweet potato) and with help from Mom we gave it a go. Mom is an excellent sous-chef. She handled the rice cooking — a phobia I absolutely must get over — and chopped vegetables up while I was tending to the sauce. However I don’t think I took the “simmering” instruction to heart and may have missed out on a smoother tasting curry because of it. So there’s something I need to understand better for the next time I’m told to simmer down, literally.

We also had almonds on hand and I found these were an amazing addition. Another time I would be curious to try with the sweet potato (Dad isn’t a fan, so I left it out) and with the quinoa. But it was a simple, fuss-free recipe (especially with Mom’s assistance!) and it met the night’s need.

As for the leftovers, they were also a success.  Especially in this bone chillingly cold weather!  It was yummy comfort food combined with the convenience of not needing to go outside.  A perfect fit.