Crossing over… and other stories

Geek alert.

New monitor purchased today, so now the Mac Mini (aka BigMort) is running dual monitors — with an optional 3rd display if I connect my iPad.  The desk is a mess with wires and components, and especially as I’m trying (still) to get my files organized, consolidated, backed up, etc. as part of the move to BigMort.

The big success story of the day so far has been the use of a crossover cable (a friendly thing I picked up a number of computers ago) to transfer files quickly between my MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini.  Thanks to this site for making it ridiculously straightforward — — I moved stuff over without a hitch.  And now, I just have to start sorting, sifting, purging, etc. all the digital stuff.

The sad stories today have been about the flakiness of two of my external drives and/or drive enclosures.  Since I’m trying to transfer stuff from those as well and get all things organized it has been a frustration.  Eventually it will get worked out.  In the meantime a new USB 3.0 drive enclosure is moving some things around from the one happy drive.  But it needs to be reformatted, so that’s all fun and games too.

I can’t wait to get the desk area all happy and set up the way I like it.  Then there shall be geeky posting of photos of the command centre.  :)

Things that make me tech-happy

There are several things making me “tech-happy” right now.  The acquisition of a Mac mini affectionately known as “Big Mort” has a few things to do with that.  The top 5 for today:

5)  While it is noisy, my laptop (aka Mortimer) isn’t dead yet.  I have the luxury of copying a crazy mish-mash of files from the laptop, the original laptop drive, and various backup drives, into some kind of logical order on the new machine, and then….

4)  … get it all set up for use as a home server to access stuff centrally, as well as remotely if I choose.  Mmmmm, geeky goodness.

3)  I did spring for the wireless Mac keyboard and mouse.  Neither were a necessity, but the keyboard works ever so nicely with my iPad which extends its awesome and day to day usefulness.  The mouse is cooler than I expected, with touch features on the surface…. whaaaaa?  I didn’t read enough to see that coming.  It is pretty slick.

2)  I did *not* get the Mac remote control.  I don’t remember if that was a conscious decision at purchase time, but —- wait for it —- the remote that I got with my laptop 5 years ago works juuuuust fine, thank you very much.  A luxury that will live on for many a good year without another penny spent.  (I also didn’t get the Mac external superdrive for CDs/DVDs…. while it’s a little peculiar, my cheap-o Polaroid — yes Polaroid — external drive also works just fine.)

1)  I did *not* get the wireless Mac trackpad, which I actually had some opposite “buyer’s remorse” over very briefly.  It was the first real moment of “dude, I’m not in Mac laptop land anymore…. what am I getting myself into?”.  THEN, the moment of realization came.  I also have a Wacom Bamboo pen and touch tablet….. which is a fantastic tool that will be used much more often now that a desk set up is back in my life again.  Trackpad?  Check — I’ve got that and better.  Right on.

Also…. the Bamboo is what helps create the fabled Olive of the Day cartoons, among other things…. I’m really hoping for this as the return to the creative side once again.

Aside:  I also have been setting up a virtual machine with Windows 8 on it.  A legal copy, but man…. what a pain to install.  And then to use…. sooooooo, not tech-happy about it.  But eventually, I’ll have it set up just so and find the advantages to having a Microsoft environment at the fingertips when it’s the best tool for the job.  (Hopefully it won’t be too often.  ;)

In our time of need

So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.  Hebrews 4:16 (NLT)

I recently had a conversation with a good friend where matters concerning our faith journey came up.  Both of us are doing our best to follow Jesus and each day we learn more about how to live that out.  Somewhere in the midst of the conversation the words “in our time of need” were used.  We often hear of stories and testimonies — and may have many of our own to share — where people express how God met them at their time of need.  When things were tough, He was there.  He came through.  And amen!  That’s so true He is there.  (Although maybe not always in the ways we want Him to be… but that’s a thought for another post!)

But I got to thinking… when exactly is our time of need?  What is it about this particularly mundane moment right now that makes me need Him any less than when going in for emergency surgery, carrying great concern for a friend or family member, or grieving the loss of a loved one?  Do I really need Him less somehow?  I maybe don’t think I need Him to do anything for me at this instant…. I maybe don’t perceive an explicit need for Him to keep me alive or to comfort me right now.  But, to the believer, isn’t that just what He is doing anyway?  In spite of my ignorance regarding my need?  And we must not forget about forgiveness and salvation.  I stand in continual need of both.  Continual.  My time of need is always.

Perhaps we’d do well to remember that we need Him all of the time.  Every moment is a time of need.  The person next to you is also in a moment of need.  I’d like to think that any humility found in recognizing our own neediness — and the ultimate source of our Help — might result in responses rooted in the love of Christ, doing whatever we can to meet the needs of those around us.

When is our time of need?  It’s now.