Snack: Curried egg

I was hungry.  I wanted a snack for one.  Here’s what I did:

Small fry pan on the stove top at a medium heat.
Add a bit of butter.
Add some chopped onion.
Add a healthy amount of curry powder on top.
Add some broken up pecans, almonds.
Keep stirring.
Toss in a little bit of sugar.
Let it all blend together.

Crack a medium-small egg into a small dish and beat.
Add a splash or two of milk to the egg.
Combine the egg and milk.

Add the egg-milk mixture to the fry pan.
Mix all the ingredients, and allow enough time to cook egg to the desired consistency.

Tonight I pretty much creamed the egg, as opposed to simply scrambling or frying it.

I also chose to serve my crazy curried creamed egg along with one of my favourite egg accompaniments… don’t laugh too hard:  cottage cheese!

This odd combination of eggs and cottage cheese was something I stumbled across on my own a number of years ago and it has remained a funny little favourite.  It is especially good when the eggs are hot but the cottage cheese is cold.  Although, cottage cheese works well as an omlette filling, either heated up or cold.

By the way, the egg experiment tonight?  Very goooood.  Mmmmmm.

The Compri-Combo

Today I split a combo with a friend for lunch.  There is an excellent poutine place in downtown Guelph called Pierre’s Poutine.  They sell burgers, hot dogs, etc. as well as their amazing poutine.  They offer a combo deal with the choice to upgrade to a poutine, instead of fries.  So, my pal and I opted for the cheeseburger with a poutine and a ginger ale.  We split it all down the middle.  But that’s the simple version of the story…

This was a meal all about compromise.  My friend and I have similar tastes in a number of areas, but toppings apparently are not one of these areas.  Compromise #1 – which kind of poutine.  Pierre’s has many types, not just the classic… my friend likes the classic, so I opted to forgo my usual “healthy” vegetarian version with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and green peppers.  Choices #1 & 2 – with cheese? yes – with bacon? no.  We came to these agreements fairly easily today.  Choice #3 – we agreed on Ginger Ale to drink.  Compromise #2 – pickles were present on the burger… but the fine burgermaster put them on one side only and said he would , so this worked well for us both.  Only a hint of pickle could be detected from the once nearby pickles.  Choice #4 – ketchup! no problems here.  Compromise #4 – mustard.  Bleck… my friend did without.  Compromise #5 – onions.  I did without.  Compromise #6 – relish.  I don’t usually, but don’t exactly mind it either.  Choices #5 & 6 – lettuce and tomato.  No problems here.  Compromise #7 – mayo.  I didn’t even bother asking.  I guess I could have.  I was hungry at this point and excited that the guy was actually going to cut the burger in half for us.

In the end, we had a meal we could share.  In fact, she paid this time around and I’m on to pay for the next time.  Maybe not exactly what either of us would get on our own, but it was still good and it all worked out.  We had food to eat and were still friends at the end of all the choices and compromises. ;)  It was quite the journey.  Maybe a nuissance to the shop workers, but even they seemed to support our complicated effort at the same time.  And then back at the office it was all about teamwork to successfully split the food up… and dividing up poutine evenly is not a simple endeavour, for anybody wondering.  But we did that too!

Friendship reigned surpreme this day.  And the poutine was excellent as usual.  Even without the veggies.  (heehee)

Giving Up

Well, I tried to post photos on here, but tonight it is not working.  I not only have my Texan Space Cow photo to share, but also I took some shots of the buildings downtown with damage.  But alas they are not online yet.

Beyond that – how was my day?  It was long.  It started early and did not end early.  But it was OK.  Lots to learn and figure out, challenges to work through and around, etc. but that sounds about par for the course.  Two more sleeps to my new hotel.  Definitely looking forward to that.

Had a pretty unique supper meal – had some appetizers, including a chicken tortilla tomato soup, or something like that.  But my main course was the culinary highlight of the trip thus far.  It was maybe not something I would order again, but it was definitely worth trying and very enjoyable: parmesan-encrusted chicken, with spinach alfredo tortellini and a tomato mozzarella salad on the side.  And the best part was that it was a normal portion size… or rather a Donna portion size.  So I ate it all and enjoyed it.  Yay!!!

Other than my supper meal, I am blanking on anything else interesting to say about Wednesday.  So, onward to sleep.  (Yay!)  Hopefully I will have more luck with the photos tomorrow.