Respecting Marriage

Want to help restore the sanctity of marriage?  Here’s a simple thought with loads of implications.

It’s something everybody can help with, regardless of marital status, gender, relationship experience, etc.

The thought: Give marriage the respect it deserves.

The result: Stop joking about things that bring disrespect to what God intended marriage to be.  This includes joking about marriage itself or about spouses in a demeaning way, joking about sex, joking about divorce.  We need to stop bending standards we claim to hold because of the influence of the culture around us.  We need to stop placing ourselves in situations and climates that allow us to be negatively influenced.  We need to admit that we have been impacted in the first place.

We have become so thoughtless and flippant about these kinds of things.  What would happen if the standard that Christians held with regard to marriage and sex was reflected in all aspects of our lives?  Oh wait… it does get reflected in all aspects of our lives.

So, let’s restructure that question:  What would happen if the standard that Christians held with regard to marriage and sex was honourable and above reproach?  I think something pretty amazing would happen.  When we respect what God made marriage to be, we respect, please, and honour Him.  We allow our lives to be lived out within that design.  In turn, we also respect one another.  Our friends, family, spouses, complete strangers even.

End result?  God is glorified.

Snow and Bad Shows

It’s the start of April and in southern Ontario, and many other locations in the eastern part of North America, we’re getting snow.  Some people talk like this is a strange thing.  But it’s not really.  It’s just an unwanted thing.  It isn’t uncommon to see snow for a few days in April and even into May.  I don’t really consider it a freak thing.  It maybe doesn’t happen every year, but I’ve seen it happen enough times in my life that I don’t complain too much about it.  I don’t like it… I don’t hide that, but I accept that it happens.

One thing that really does not fall into the category of accepted things would be the Blue Jays fans at the SkyDome (I know, I know… the Rogers Centre) tonight for the season opening game against the Detroit Tigers.  So, the dome is closed and the natives are stressed out by the snow, but throwing things on the field???  Seriously?!???  How old are we??

1)  The home team was well in the lead for the entire game… even if the come-from-behind speciality of the Tigers seemed a possibility at one point.  So why are the home team fans even thinking that this is an acceptable thing to throw objects out on the field?  What point does this make other than “We’re ignorant, rude Canadians who are ungracious hosts to the visiting team?”

2)  Even if people are ridiculous enough to counter by saying that, somehow, this is “part of the game”… how is also potentially endangering the home team members seen as something worth risking?

3)  Then there is the booing… how was booing the visiting team after throwing things at them making anything better?  I mean, sure, the Tigers were able to break the momentum of the Jays by taking that break from the field.  But it’s within the rules of the game to do what they did, and there was a legit concern.  And then booing after the announcer said not to throw things on the field?  Oh grow up!

4)  And my favourite… the stupidity of (hopefully only a few) fans could have cost the Jays the entire game.  Way to go there… the massive lead almost lost because people don’t know what kind of conduct is appropriate in public?  Or how to be civil to guests in your “home”.

What a loss of respect we have for humanity.  How easily it flies out the window in the name of “sport”, when there is nothing sporting about the behaviour at all.  (See my unwritten blog post about why I don’t like hockey too much because of the fighting, etc.)

For somebody who is considering following baseball again this year after a long (long, long) hiatus, this was a disappointing start.  And the Jays played well.  Way to go Jays!  But yah, the fans at that game should apologise to the Tigers.  And most importantly, shape up for the rest of the season.  I sure won’t be going to any games if that’s the way it’s going to be… besides the players, it’s not safe for the fans either.