100 Push-ups!

NO!  I cannot do 100 push-ups…. not yet anyway!

In fact, I can hardly do any at all… not of the real type… not yet anyway!

BUT, I have a plan!   (This is the Donna we all know and love!)

There is a website called hundredpushups.com and it is a plan to be able to do 100 push ups at the end of a 6 week program.  I just officially started today.  Granted, I am only doing the knee-based push-ups, but doing 100 of those should give me enough upper body strength to get going on real push-ups.

You can keep track of my progress, help keep me accountable, etc. by checking out my Twitter page.  All my progress on the 100 push-up plan goes here, because I have it linked up with the companion site to the 6-week plan, www.pushupslogger.com … so automatically Twitter gets updated when I log my workout sessions.  Neat eh?

There is also a 200 sit-ups site and logger site.  I may or may not do these… it only focuses on one kind of sit-up and I know there are many types… depends if there is a reason to do this for me.  More research is needed.  But for anybody interested, these sites are: http://twohundredsitups.com and http://www.pushupslogger.com/plog/situps

Let me know if you decide to follow these plans, or other similar online plans!